• Wool: How it Warms our Bodies & Souls

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    Wool vs. Cotton. It is an age old debate. As textiles of varying material content become more readily available, most of us have the luxury of an abundance of articles of clothing or accessories from which to choose. While style and fit are a driving factor, the intelligent consumer cannot ignore fabric content. With high quality textiles, the most often choice is between cotton and wool. 

    So why choose wool? Wool has many benefits:


    Wool fibers can withstand up to 20,000 bends. What does that mean? It means that wool clothing can be worn many times while effortlessly maintaining its shape. Cotton fibers, on average, can withstand 3,000.

    Wool is also naturally spill-resistant. Small liquid spills and other little messes typically wipe off easily with little to no fiber penetration. 


    Wool naturally wicks. What does that mean? Wool fibers draw pull liquid away from the skin (sweat, rainwater, etc) which keeps the body either warm in cold weather or cool in warm weather.

    When wool fibers are woven together, tiny air pockets are created in the textile. These air pockets give wool its insulating properties.




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  • Give Gorgeously - Worthington Corners Featured in Fall Gift Guide

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    Give Gorgeously, a lifestyle blog for creative and genuine gift giving, recently featured our Herringbone Scarves and Herringbone Throw Blankets in their Fall Gift Guide!




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  • Buffalo Check: A Versatile Collection

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    Our newest collection, Buffalo Check, is incredibly versatile due to its oversized dimensions. The scarf itself is 33 inches wide by 78 inches in length and is our widest piece. All of our scarves are already designed to be longer than standard to accommodate additional methods for styling each piece. The extra width lends our Buffalo Check Collection to being both a scarf and a wrap! We've compiled style tips below to demonstrate the versatility and incredible style of these pieces.
    As a Scarf
    When wrapped around the neck, the extra width gives our Buffalo Check scarves a beautiful drape at the front. The 100% Merino wool weave is warm without being itchy. Ideal for Fall! 
    As a Wrap
    The Buffalo Check collection can also be worn draped over the shoulders. At 33" wide, there is plenty of fabric to keep you warm and toasty on a chilly day. 
    Do you know the history of the Buffalo Check pattern? Our collection is a modern take on the classic American pattern. The red and black Buffalo Plaid originally seen throughout the American West dating back to the 1800s actually hails from Clan McGregor in Scotland. Read our article on the full history to learn more!

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  • The History of Buffalo Check

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    While many people think of Buffalo Plaid as a statement from the American West, its origins in fact hail from the Rob Roy tartan of Clan McGregor in Scotland. A descendent of the Scottish clan ultimately settled in Montana and brought with him the classic textile. This relative traded heavy woven blankets in the style of his family's infamous black and raid plaid tartan for buffalo pelts, giving way to the nickname "buffalo plaid."
    While we Americans refer to the pattern as plaid, the correct term is in fact tartan. It is said that the Cheyenne and Sioux warriors that traded with Jock McCluskey, the Scottish descendant in Montana, could not properly pronounce the Gaelic word pladger, meaning tartan, and instead referred to the textiles as plaid. The Indians were in awe of the deep red color in the original tartan and believed it to be dyed with the blood of McCluskey's prey and conquests. These American Indians wore this McGregor tartan in battle for protection and good luck. 

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  • Travel in Comfort & Style, Not Your PJs

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    The Ultimate Comfy Travel Outfit (that doesn't look like pajamas)

    Just as our company mission statement conveys, we believe fashion should be both effortless and classic. When traveling long distances, this can sometimes be difficult to accomplish while also achieving the most important aspect of travelwear: COMFORT. Luckily, we've compiled the holy grail of travel attire that will leave you looking and feeling like a well seasoned travel pro!



    My husband and I both love to travel. We've traveled to many different parts of the world, usually with just a carry-on suitcase no less, and one of the pre travel things I always dread is choosing the best outfit for the airplane. Over the years I've developed a rhythm and a science to packing for international travel and I'm excited to share it!

    The Lo & Sons OMG bag is my absolute favorite international travel accessory. It has a strap to fit easily over the handle of your suitcase and all the right interior pockets for your essentials such as laptop, ipad, passports, wallets, and even separate pockets for spare flats!

    As someone who isn't a fan of the constricting nature of denim, I tend to opt for a pair of comfortable leggings that are a bit more interesting than just a plain black. I love the moto inspired leggings by alo. They are cute, comfortable, and extra long which all tall girls will appreciate. I like to add a classic white t-shirt as my base top layer since it is so easy to mix and match with accessories. This one by Vince is made of quality fiber which is so important as no one wants a see through t-shirt! 

    Airplanes and airports are often over air-conditioned and completely freezing. Adding layers on top of your basic travel outfit is essential for keeping comfortable and cozy. Plus, you don't have to worry about packing these sometimes bulky items into your precious suitcase space.  Our lightweight collection is ideal for travel as it isn't too heavy and also doesn't wrinkle immediately. The wide design of this particular collection allows for it to be worn effortlessly as either a scarf or a wrap. It is an absolute vacation essential and perfect to cozy up in during a long flight. Adding a light jacket on top is another layering hack that is highly recommended. 

    You never know when you may need to sprint through the airport to make your connection! Traveling internationally in sensible shoes, such as these adorable Nike sneakers, is a smart and comfortable choice. The sneaks are practical and adorable making them easy to transition into your vacation wardrobe. Wearing them also saves even more space in that suitcase! Plus, you'll be ready to hit the ground running and explore your newest destination even if your hotel room isn't quite ready yet to change your clothes.

    Happy Travels!


    To get this look:

    1. Lo & Sons OMG Overnight Bag
    2. Alo Moto Leggings
    3. Vince Essential Cotton V-Neck Tee
    4. Nike Pre Love Sneakers
    5. Worthington Corners Mauve Lightweight Collection Scarf
    6. Hinge Drapey Utility Jacket


     Tag your #WCTravels photos on Instagram and show us where you've worn your #WorthingtonCorners 


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