Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

Though herringbone may be traditionally thought of as a print most appropriate for winter, I've found myself wearing the honey beige scarf from our Herringbone Collection all spring. The spring weather here in Dallas has been unseasonably cool, as with much of the United States, and this piece has been my go-to for a spring look that is still efficiently warm.


While my winter wardrobe is mostly varying shades of black and grey, I love to wear brown in the spring and fall. The creamy beige shades woven in our herringbone scarf pair beautifully with both dark and cognac shades of brown. The warmth feels so appropriate for the spring season! I paired the honey beige herringbone scarf with a light cream linen sweater with bell sleeves, frayed Frame skinny jeans, and nude YSL Tribute sandals. The look felt fresh and classic at the same time. 



Interested in recreating this look? The most important items are the herringbone scarf and the nude sandals. Both are must-haves in my closet!