Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

Our Pashmina Collection is our most formal and elegant accessory option. The pashmina is an effortless and elegant way to add coverage or warmth to a more formal outfit. When styling our camel pashmina, I chose an all black backdrop that allows the pashmina to "pop" and be the focal point of this ensemble. I paired the camel pashmina with black heels, tights, a long sleeve dress, and black Tahitian pearls. While the pashmina can easily be worn as a full scarf, as our widest product offering it is ideal for wrapping around your shoulders. The soft, silky material gives this particular item a formal flair that is perfect for styling with dresses of many varieties. Since winter is now coming into full swing, I feel the chill most places we visit and am always thankful to have an easy yet sophisticated and beautiful accessory to wrap around my shoulders for a bit of added warmth. The fabric is so that it is perfectly appropriate to wear indoors at even the most formal events.