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  • Styling the Ivory Fluffy Scarf

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev


    Our fluffy collection is unique from the others as it is our only offering made with mohair. Mohair is a very unique fiber (read more about it here). The fluffy collection is made with an open weave creating a bit of space in between the fibers of the scarf. The mohair/wool blend fibers that comprise this collection are fuzzier than a typical wool or cashmere product. 


    I've paired the ivory fluffy scarf with a light brown pea coat, jeans, and coordinating riding boots. The scarf can be worn either tucked into the collar of a jacket or coat or also over top as I've chosen to demonstrate here. I love the touch and feel of this particular scarf collection. The scarf itself is light but oh so warm without weighing down your neck. I've chosen to throw it on overtop of a heavy pea coat for this very reason. A fluffy collection scarf is the perfect accessory since it keeps my neck warm and protected from the wind without adding extra weight to an already heavy ensemble. 


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