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  • How to Care for your Cashmere

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    The Complete Guide to Caring for your Cashmere

    All wool materials have special properties unique to the specific type of fiber as well as the type of weave of the textile. One of the most iconic and recognizable woolen fibers is cashmere. Cashmere is a special material that, if cared for properly, will last for a very long time. 

    As with any natural fiber, it is imperative that you care for your cashmere carefully and with love in order to maximize its lifespan. A cashmere textile should last through countless seasons and wears if treated with care.

    Common Cashmere Issues Include:


    We are conditioned to think that pilling is a sign of low quality; however, this simply isn't the case. Pilling is a natural characteristic of cashmere due to the long fibres in the material. Using a product such as a cashmere comb or sweater stone can easily remove the pills and leave your cashmere looking good as new! A cashmere comb is ideal for more delicate weaves while the sweater stone is best suited for heavier knits and blankets. We recommend purchasing your cashmere care products from The Laundress


    The easiest way to remove fold lines and creases from your cashmere or knit textiles is by turning the piece inside out (if applicable) and ironing on the lowest setting. A clean, dry cloth should be placed between the iron and the cashmere to protect the textile. The iron should never come into direct contact with the wool fibers.

    You can also use a handheld steamer on your cashmere but be sure to lay the piece flat to dry afterwards from any residual water from the steam.  

    Stain Removal

    All stains to your woven wool/cashmere pieces should be taken to a specialist for removal. Never attempt to spot clean yourself as it may damage the fibers and cause the stain to "set" into the fabric. 

    While many sources suggest that your cashmere good may be handwashed, all of our Worthington Corners collections are woven textiles, and hand washing a delicately woven piece can lead to irreparable damage. 

    Storage Recommendations:

    Never store your cashmere pieces on a hanger! Hanging a cashmere or wool garment can cause the fibers to stretch. When out of season, cashmere and wool textiles should be folded and placed in a breathable cotton bag and then stored in a cool, dry place. Preferably, in a spare room or top of a closet as opposed to under the bed. Placing a sheet of tissue paper between each piece also allows for any excess moisture to be absorbed. 

    Do not store wool in a plastic bag as wool is a natural fiber and needs to be able to breathe. The Laundress sells easy, zip-closure all purpose storage bags safe to for use with cashmere/wool or you can pick up natural cotton storage bags in various sizes from your local Container Store. 

     Pro Tip: Always add a few cedar wood balls to your cashmere storage. Cedar naturally prevents damage to your textiles from moths and mildew. 


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  • Pink Fluffy for Valentine's Day

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    In search of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

    Whether you are looking to buy a special gift for your love, a gal pal, or even yourself (why not!), our luxurious fluffy collection scarf is an ideal pick! The vibrant pink shade is a perfect symbol of love and appreciation for your much deserving Valentine while the ivory and black fluffies possess an understated beauty for all times and places.
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    What are you waiting for? Pamper her, or you, with a little piece of luxury this Valentine’s Day!

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  • Styling the Ivory Fluffy Scarf

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev


    Our fluffy collection is unique from the others as it is our only offering made with mohair. Mohair is a very unique fiber (read more about it here). The fluffy collection is made with an open weave creating a bit of space in between the fibers of the scarf. The mohair/wool blend fibers that comprise this collection are fuzzier than a typical wool or cashmere product. 


    I've paired the ivory fluffy scarf with a light brown pea coat, jeans, and coordinating riding boots. The scarf can be worn either tucked into the collar of a jacket or coat or also over top as I've chosen to demonstrate here. I love the touch and feel of this particular scarf collection. The scarf itself is light but oh so warm without weighing down your neck. I've chosen to throw it on overtop of a heavy pea coat for this very reason. A fluffy collection scarf is the perfect accessory since it keeps my neck warm and protected from the wind without adding extra weight to an already heavy ensemble. 


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