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  • Buffalo Check: A Versatile Collection

    Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

    Our newest collection, Buffalo Check, is incredibly versatile due to its oversized dimensions. The scarf itself is 33 inches wide by 78 inches in length and is our widest piece. All of our scarves are already designed to be longer than standard to accommodate additional methods for styling each piece. The extra width lends our Buffalo Check Collection to being both a scarf and a wrap! We've compiled style tips below to demonstrate the versatility and incredible style of these pieces.
    As a Scarf
    When wrapped around the neck, the extra width gives our Buffalo Check scarves a beautiful drape at the front. The 100% Merino wool weave is warm without being itchy. Ideal for Fall! 
    As a Wrap
    The Buffalo Check collection can also be worn draped over the shoulders. At 33" wide, there is plenty of fabric to keep you warm and toasty on a chilly day. 
    Do you know the history of the Buffalo Check pattern? Our collection is a modern take on the classic American pattern. The red and black Buffalo Plaid originally seen throughout the American West dating back to the 1800s actually hails from Clan McGregor in Scotland. Read our article on the full history to learn more!

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