Posted on by Ashley Pinchev

Packing for vacation is such a fun and exciting time full of anticipation for the upcoming trip. While exciting, it is also a maze of decisions when determining which pieces to bring and to leave home. When I'm packing for travel, I always consider items that can serve more than one function and can be worn with multiple different outfits and in different scenarios. The Lightweight Collection comes in various neutral and bright tones that can be easily integrated into your travel collection. 
My husband and I traveled to Croatia this past fall. We love to travel and see the world and this particular trip was one of the most interesting and unique we've taken thus far! It was my first time to Eastern Europe and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it: food, culture, and history. I found myself wearing our powder blue lightweight scarf almost daily. The material is the perfect weight for travel, heavy enough that it does not easily show wrinkles and light enough to be worn as either a traditional scarf or a shawl/wrap. I wore this piece as a wrap nightly at dinner. All of the restaurants in the ancient city of Dubrovnik were indoor/outdoor and with the nightly breeze off of the Adriatic Sea, the lightweight scarf was the perfect accessory!