Each Worthington Corners collection has an identity and purpose fit for different occasions. From day to night and fall to winter, we'll tell you how our collections fit into your wardrobe.


The Herringbone Collection

The Herringbone Collection features scarves woven in a beautiful "V" pattern. Herringbone was named after the bones of the herring fish and has been found in Ireland dating back as early as the arrival of the Celtic people in 600 B.C. This classic pattern is a staple of the Worthington Corners boutique and served as our inspiration for designing woven collections. This collection measures nine inches wide by seventy eight inches long and is woven of 95% Merino and 5% Cashmere. The result is our heaviest scarf: a super soft, chunky piece that provides substantial warmth along with timeless style with plenty of length to be worn in multiple ways. They can be wrapped in a double loop around the neck to protect from cold winter air or as a single loop on less chilly days. Our herringbone scarves are perfectly paired with a peacoat, turtleneck sweater, and riding boots for a simply classic British inspired daytime look. 











The Cashmere Collection

The Cashmere Collection is made of 100% pure cashmere and features solid colors perfect for winter fashions including grey, black, beige, and burgundy. Cashmere is one of the most luxurious types of woolen material and was originally used by noblemen in the Roman empire prior to gaining popularity with European royal families centuries later. It is made from the wool of the cashmere goat and a very tedious process is required to remove the fibers from the sides and the back of this particular breed of goat. The resulting material is both lightweight and exceptionally warm. As long as it is properly taken care of, cashmere will not stretch or fade in color.


The Pashmina Collection

The Pashmina Collection is made from 100% wool and unique from our other collections in that it is intended to be worn as a wrap, stole, or shawl. The pashmina was originally created in India and became a staple in European fashion after Napoleon Bonaparte gifted one to his wife, Josephine. The name "pashmina" originates from the Persian word "pashm" meaning wool. Our pashminas are available in a wide variety of solid colors as well as two tone gradients of dark blue to light blue and light blue to white. 


The Lightweight Collection

The Lightweight Collection is constructed of 100% Merino wool in an open weave, making this collection our most lightweight and breathable option. Ideal for warmer climates or the spring or fall months, the lightweight collection is available in a variety of colors to suit many different occasions. At eighteen inches wide and eighty eight inches long, this scarf is the perfect compromise between one of our heavier herringbone, cashmere, or fluffy scarves and the pashmina. It is large enough to be worn around the shoulders as a shawl but also looks great as a flowy scarf looped around the neck. 


The Fluffy Collection

The Fluffy Collection is made of a Mohair/Wool blend. Mohair is spun from the long, silky hair of the Angora goat. Nicknamed the "diamond fiber" because of its beautiful sheen, it is one of the most soft, luxurious, and durable types of wool fiber. Our fluffy collection truly lives up to its name in terms of both texture and appearance. This piece is perfect for protecting against the elements during the cold winter months as it is durable enough to withstand the rain and snow. 



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