A pashmina is a type of scarf that was historically made out of a specific type of wool; the pashmina wool from kashmir goats found only in certain regions of the Himalayas. Originally known for the pashmina cashmere, the term "Pashmina" has morphed into a term for a larger sized scarf as well. Pashmina scarves are generally larger than a typical scarf, more similar to a shawl or stole, and intended to be worn around the shoulders as opposed to around the neck. Pashminas are a beautiful accessory for any formal affair as they are most commonly styled as a wrap around the shoulders. From cocktail dresses to a ballgown, a pashmina is the perfect accessory to protect from winter's chill while maintaining a high end look. 



Scarves are typically more narrow than a pashmina, either a similar length or a touch longer, and intended to be worn around the neck. Scarves can be styled in a wide variety of options, from very casual to more formal and the whole range in between. They are also found in many different types of wool. Scarves can be thin and porous for summer and fall months to extra thick and fuzzy for those cold, snowy winter nights.